Budgie Joy

Keeping Budgerigars is a very rewarding activity. Their chatter and antics provide hours of fun. There is always some sort of squabble on or one of the cocks will face a post and vociferously chatter away. The young chicks will investigate every little corner of the flight and if something strange enters they will cautiously test it with their beaks. They will climb all over the place and disturb the elders trying to nap.

Each budgie has its own little personality demonstrated when  establishing the pecking order.When I pick their daily spinach leaf they get really excited. Everyone will scream and fly to the door waiting for this treat to be attached to the wire. The timid ones always behind the leader. Sometimes the hens will chase away the cocks to get to the juicy bits first. it is almost like giving a bunch of toddlers a bucket of ice cream and each a spoon. Chaos with the strongest eating the most.

I kept different types of birds over the years, but the budgie is the most rewarding of all.