Time to confess: I was wrong!

Most importantly, I fell victim to the same thing I swore never to do again.

For years I believed that we should eat a balanced.


We’ve been lied to. Humans need only high fat low – carb foods.

Visit the Noakes foundation page

dietdocter .com

virtua healt webpages explain why

Read the big fat lie by Gary Taubes and The lore of nutrition by Tim Noakes

Be healthy

Dogs help South Africa’s youth stay away from violence

Children learn to deal constructively with problems at home or in the community with help from volunteers

When Thobani Gasa took his puppy for obedience training a few years ago, it was just for fun. But soon his own behaviour started to change, thanks to his canine companion.

Many townships in South Africa are notorious for gang-related violence, but in Mpophomeni, near the southeastern town of Howick, pet dogs are helping lead the way to a more peaceful future.

Read full article: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-life/dogs-help-south-africas-youth-stay-away-from-violence/article21775056.ece