Tim Noakes on why we should rethink our theories on heart disease

Dr. Tim Noakes, a professor of exercise and sports science and head of the Sports Science Institute of SA, gave a scientific explanation why a low-fat diet had no proven role in the prevention of heart disease

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It is worth following this debate.

Facts, truths, lies and trust.

During the mid seventies we were living in Namibia’s west coast. It was the era of the bush war in the north of the country where South African forces were fighting against the SWAPO freedom fighters. At the age of 15 I knew I would be called up by the South African government to fight in this war the moment I finish school. We were led to believe that the Communists were a very real danger to our existence. Our only sources of news were limited by newspapers and radio news bulletins from South Africa.

At the time I experimented with radio antennas and with the help from Popular Mechanics were able to construct an elaborate antenna for my old shortwave radio. This enabled me to tune into the NBC news service broadcasted from the USA. For more than 5 years I listened to these broadcasts. This was of course illegal as the South African government of the time had a media blockade on the war in Angola.

This was the first time I realised we were taken for fools. Every Sunday we would get the biggest Afrikaans Sunday newspaper with the latest news on the war. That same evening I would tune into the NBC news to hear the international version. Without fail the coverage of the same incident would differ so much that one could assume it to be different incidents altogether.

Who were dishonest? Short answer; Both. It took me many years to understand that the truth is in the eye of the beholder. We are all biased to some extend and it will always reflect in our presentation of facts.

What I learned from this experience is not to trust the media or internet. I will never trust any government again as they all withhold some of the truth as to shape our minds to buy into what they want.

The only way to get through this muck is to use good old common sense or the ability to cut to the chase. Unfortunately not everyone is born with common sense and most of us only obtain it through experience which of course can take years to develop.

Who can we trust? Our own judgement. After all, that is our only defense.

Diet: Is fat bad?

For a long time we were bombarded by the idea that fat is bad. With the little knowledge I possessed this never made sense to me. I was taught at school that we need fat to process a number of vital functions in our bodies.
Recently Dr. Tim Noakes switched to a protein rich diet generally associated with fats. He lost weight and is healthier now that a few years back. http://www.loreofsportsscience.com/sites/loss/about-tim and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tim-Noakes/112545445426883
This morning I read an article about how being overweight is not necessarily bad. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/eating-mindfully/201205/one-size-does-not-fit-all


Diet: Finding ME

We all know a little clown fish called Nemo. How he got lost, his epic journey into an unknown world and how his Father set out to find him.  In a sense our dietary journey follow a similar path. We start out in a protected environment, but because of our own choices  we experiment with new tastes and smells. Despite our parents and teachers warnings we eat and drink because it feels “good”.
Then suddenly we are lost. Swept away by our appetite we get lost in our own bodies and some of us stay there forever, Despite knowing that it is bad for us we prefer being lost because it feels good. Just like Nemo there are people who is searching for us, but unlike Nemo there are some of us who just refuse to be found. We revel so much in our unnatural eating habits and irrational securities that we actively hide from them.
We hide in the most creative and dumb ways imaginable. Here are some of them; I have a thyroid gland problem, when I’m happy I eat, when I’m sad I eat, when I stress I eat, I eat late every night and can’t stop myself, when I’m with friends I eat too much, I have a family history of obesity and so the list goes on.
Why did I include the thyroid and family history excuse? Surely it is not my fault is it? No, it is not your fault you have a medical condition, but it is your fault if you do not consult a medical expert to help you with it.
It definitely is your fault if you use it and every other excuse as an excuse to an unhealthy life.

Let us start now and do what Nemo did; survive by doing the right things and get found by those who care for us. Trust the experts to help you get back your life.

Find yourself and be rescued.


Budgie Joy

Keeping Budgerigars is a very rewarding activity. Their chatter and antics provide hours of fun. There is always some sort of squabble on or one of the cocks will face a post and vociferously chatter away. The young chicks will investigate every little corner of the flight and if something strange enters they will cautiously test it with their beaks. They will climb all over the place and disturb the elders trying to nap.

Each budgie has its own little personality demonstrated when  establishing the pecking order.When I pick their daily spinach leaf they get really excited. Everyone will scream and fly to the door waiting for this treat to be attached to the wire. The timid ones always behind the leader. Sometimes the hens will chase away the cocks to get to the juicy bits first. it is almost like giving a bunch of toddlers a bucket of ice cream and each a spoon. Chaos with the strongest eating the most.

I kept different types of birds over the years, but the budgie is the most rewarding of all.