Important: Dealing with your dog

  • Exercise your dog daily.
  • Never hit your young puppy.
  • Control over a dog is achieved with leadership, never harshness.
  • Praise in a calm manner and only when it display desired behavior.
  • Be consistent with your dog, never harsh.
  • Don’t allow biting (walk away or yelp) Only correct after 14 weeks
  • Only correct a dog within 7 second after the undesired behavior, never after the fact.
  • Never punish your dog.
  • Dogs need new experiences with other people, dogs and places, particularly when very young to get socialized.
  • Stay calm and be assertive.
  • Dogs need successes and less correction before full maturity so they can develop confidence.
  • Train your dog in order to establish communication and give it purpose.
  • Dogs need to follow the people in the house. Leadership from everyone.
  • Give affection only when they behave or display desired behavior.

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