Diet: Finding ME

We all know a little clown fish called Nemo. How he got lost, his epic journey into an unknown world and how his Father set out to find him.  In a sense our dietary journey follow a similar path. We start out in a protected environment, but because of our own choices  we experiment with new tastes and smells. Despite our parents and teachers warnings we eat and drink because it feels “good”.
Then suddenly we are lost. Swept away by our appetite we get lost in our own bodies and some of us stay there forever, Despite knowing that it is bad for us we prefer being lost because it feels good. Just like Nemo there are people who is searching for us, but unlike Nemo there are some of us who just refuse to be found. We revel so much in our unnatural eating habits and irrational securities that we actively hide from them.
We hide in the most creative and dumb ways imaginable. Here are some of them; I have a thyroid gland problem, when I’m happy I eat, when I’m sad I eat, when I stress I eat, I eat late every night and can’t stop myself, when I’m with friends I eat too much, I have a family history of obesity and so the list goes on.
Why did I include the thyroid and family history excuse? Surely it is not my fault is it? No, it is not your fault you have a medical condition, but it is your fault if you do not consult a medical expert to help you with it.
It definitely is your fault if you use it and every other excuse as an excuse to an unhealthy life.

Let us start now and do what Nemo did; survive by doing the right things and get found by those who care for us. Trust the experts to help you get back your life.

Find yourself and be rescued.