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COVID-19 Panic

Want to know what authorities do not want you to know?

Health bits

Hendrik’s LCHF/Banting/Diet – Twitter list 7 things I wish they taught us in school 1)Eating fat does NOT make you fat2)Salt is not the enemy, it’s sugar 3)Vegetable oils are NOT healthy4)Whole grains are NOT healthy 5)YOU are in control…

Life list:

• Do what interests you the most.• Spend time with nature.• Ask questions.• Never stop learning.• Don’t pay attention to what others think of you.• Read everyday.• Study hard.• Teach others what you know.• Make mistakes and learn.• It’s Okay…


Recently these 8 people completed a 100 mile run over 5 days without consuming any food. they only drank water. Watch this documentary of their journey.

Too much SUGAR & CARBS

Too much insulin ➡️ #obesity Too much insulin for too long ➡️ insulin resistance ➡️ #diabetes Too much insulin ➡️ salt retention ➡️ #hypertension Too much insulin ➡️ too much growth ➡️ #cancer risk ⬆️ What causes too much insulin?Too…

Low carb Athletes

0-5-8-100 challenge Recently 8 persons ran 100 miles in five days with zero food intake.