Why do my dog chew everything to pieces?

There’s probably nothing more annoying than walking into a room and seeing your dog tear his blanket once again. Some dogs do this more than others. Experts generally list the same causes for this behavior.

  1. Puppies test with their teeth and especially when teething.This is normal behavior. However, it is necessary to establish your Pack leadership so that you will later be able to control this behavior. Just like human kids, it is necessary to puppy proof your home.
  2. Boredom. Your dog has excessive energy and no stimulation. He starts chewing and before long everything is ripped apart. Exercise and mental stimulus is needed to help your dog stop eating everything.
  3. Instinct. Dogs chew naturally as long as it does not happen in excess. Redirect your dog’s instinct to things he is allowed to chew. Be sure to correct him immediately when he chews on things that are forbidden. Please do it calmly. Never correct when you feel angry or disappointed. In fact, it is advisable to ALWAYS BE CALM where you work with your dog. Even better when your dog is calm too.
  4. Medical issues. If the behavior started suddenly, it is necessary to rule out medical causes before it can be considered a problem. Remember that your dog will sometimes eat objects to vomit if he has an upset stomack.
  5. Separation anxiety. If the behavior occurs when you are not at home, it could be a symptom of separation anxiety. To control it you need to ignore your dog (No touch, no talking and no eye contact) when you leave or return. Make sure your dog is calm before you leave the house, even better if you can exercise him by walking so he does not have too much energy.
  6. Anxiety and uncertainty. I believe most canine experts forget about this. If your dog is unsure of his place in the herd, or do not know what the rules are, it can cause anxiety in him and in order to get rid of that anxiety he may start chewing, barking or exhibit other unwanted behavior. Anxiety can also occur when the dynamics in the herd changed for some reason. Your pack leadership role is very important in this regard.