Dog Food

What should my dog or cat eat?
Most people do not even think about this until their pets get fat. Pardon me, overweight.
We tend to do the easy thing and buy pelleted dog food, throw it in a bowl with maybe the occasional drop of water and that’s it.
Some more cautious individuals will buy the more expensive canned meaty dog food. Still very convenient to store for longer periods.

What then is the best dog food?

In one simple answer; Raw meat and offal.

Dogs are carnivores and like humans are not designed to eat sugars, starches or highly processed food. Nor are they designed to tolerate vegetable oils. You can feed them some vegetables, starches and vegetable oils but then you should not complain if your dog becomes obese, develop cancer or have joint pains.
My dogs are more docile when on a raw meat diet, probably because they have less cravings?

Luckily this group did research why carbs make animals fat and you can now read it here
— Please note the research papers referenced —

Most butchers provide cheap offal and fats for animal consumption.
You may lightly cook these if you prefer.