Feeding my dogs

Previously, my dogs had access to food all day until Buksie, a Jack Russel Terrier, joined the herd. Buksie regularly tested the rules and boundaries until I decided to follow the advice of a number of dog handlers, including that of Cesar Milan, and only started feeding once a day. This forced Buksie pay more attention to me and give me more control over him.

My feeding routine.

Vary feeding times as to not let them dictate when to feed.
Change the location regularly.
Use your hands to put food into bowls so your smell can mix with the food.
Make the dog work for its food by making him wait for it.
They are only allowed to eat when you issue the command “eat”.
If they do not eat all of their food immediately, remove for the next feeding.

Remember: The one who controls the food and eating ritual is more likely to be perceived as the leader of the pack.