I am – carnivore

Find out what made the biggest impact on my health.

because of my digestive system and so are you.

I was morbidly obese and had to make changes. After years of trying diets I finally decided to put an end to this.
My first step was to find out what the human digestive system was designed to eat. (circa 2006)
This is what I learned;
1. The human digestive system does not metabolize cellulose material making us not quite adapted to eat plants.
2. Carbohydrates are not essential for human life.
3. Meat/animal products on the other hand contain all of the essential nutrients we need.
4. Not all scientists are honest. There is a lot of bad science papers around.
5. Big food and Pharma is behind our modern diet. Perhaps causing metabolic syndrome?

I lost about 35kg of fat then stagnated, because I still ate carbs despite cutting out soft drinks, beer and bread products.

I finally got a grip on my carb addiction after reading The Lore of Nutrition by Prof. Tim Noakes

I started a ketogenic lifestyle and it changed me profoundly. I am not a believer of the keto lifestyle. I just follow good science and know this is the right choice.

See also The Noakes Foundation
Essential read: Nina Teicholtz – The Big Fat Surprise

I follow

https://www.youtube.com/c/DrCywesCarbAddictionDoc/featured who convince me I am addicted to carbohydrates. Same as an alcoholic, smoker or drug addict. I need to avoid carbs at all costs.

Sapere Aude

Consider a ketogenic or carnivore diet. You will thank me for the rest of your life.

What changed for me in since 6 January 2018?

  • After 4 weeks my depression disappeared until today. Not even COVID-19 could make me depressed. The stupidity does irks me, but no depression.
  • Osteo arthritis pains gone. I was unable to use tools as it was too painful. Could not unscrew bottle caps. After 4 weeks on Keto (<25grams carbs a day), I regained my hands. Able to get out of bed and walk without pain.
  • Lost 21 kilograms in this time. (Before I started Keto I lost 35Kg over 5 years by cutting sugar, beer and bread, but still obese.) I deliberately avoided exercise.
  • More energy. Started hobby again.
  • Wife is over the moon because no more mood swings or bad temper.
  • I became more patient. Not sure why.
  • Total Cholesterol went up, but trig ratios is perfect.
  • Fasting blood glucose down to lower normal levels.
  • Blood pressure down. Not yet off medication, but upped salt intake and it is starting to drop rapidly after 3 weeks. 12 Oct 2020
  • I can finally eat only the food I love most. MEAT!
  • Can not remember what Ice cream, or cake taste like! Can it be that my carb addiction is finally manageable?
  • I Now know I am carb addicted.

The first two items on this list was the reason for going Keto and finally Carnivore in the first place. The rest is just a huge bonus

Please consider following the CarbAddictionDoc on youtube

Reading through this list seems impossible. Luckily my wife is witness to my transformation.

Article by the new Hendrik van Zyl.