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Reject bad science


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Ask yourself these questions.

Did more people die in 2020 than in the average for the previous 20 years? If so is it significantly more?
What about the early 2000’s when South African government obviously messed up the HIV response?

What happened to the flu in 2020? did covid19 replace or kill the flu?

Some info to help you think.

South African death rate until 2020 was 9,4 deaths per 1000 citizens (or roughly 9400 deaths per million.)
Covid19 deaths as per is 46474. That is for 2020 and 2021.
46474 divided by 59 million population gives a rate of 778 deaths per million!

Please think for yourself and seek out the data.
All cause total deaths, officially recorded, are the only measure of severity of pandemic.

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